This campaign is now closed, however we appreciate your continuous support

At The Olton Project, we believe in the power of community and the enduring legacy of our companions. As we embark on our mission to serve and uplift, we invite you to be a part of something truly special. Introducing “Support 313” – a unique opportunity to honour the esteemed companions while contributing to the ongoing efforts of The Olton Project.

Embrace Legacy, Empower Change:
Our companions, the noble 313 who stood alongside the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) during the Battle of Badr, embody the values of courage, sacrifice, and unwavering faith. Their legacy continues to inspire and guide us today. Through “Support 313,” you have the chance to honour their memory while making a tangible difference in our community.

Monthly Sponsorship:
By becoming a monthly sponsor of The Olton Project, you not only support our vital programs and initiatives but also pay homage to a companion of your choice. Your sponsorship will be dedicated in the name of one of the esteemed companions, symbolising your commitment to preserving their legacy.

STEP ONE: From your online banking, Sign up for MONTHLY STANDING ORDER and choose your preferred donation amount (minimum of £10/month).

Our bank details are as follows:

Bank Name: NatWest Bank, Account Holder: The Olton Project CIO Account No: 67546188 Sort Code: 55-50-15 Reference: (Your Name).

STEP TWO: Once the standing order is done, please complete this form. (Campaign is now closed)

STEP THREE: Your name, or the name of your choice, will be displayed alongside a companion, commemorating your generosity and commitment.

Join the Movement:
Join us in this noble endeavour to honour our companions and support the mission of The Olton Project. Together, we can continue their legacy of compassion, unity, and service to humanity.

“Support 313” is more than just a sponsorship program; it’s a testament to our shared values and aspirations. Join us today and become a beacon of hope and inspiration for generations to come. Together, let’s make a meaningful impact and uphold the legacy of the esteemed companions.

Ready to make a difference? Sign up for “Support 313” today!