After the success of this course last year, The Olton Project is offering students a comprehensive programme for correct Qur’anic recitation (Tajweed), advancing through 3 levels of competence with the aim of reciting the entire Qur’an (khatm) at the hands of a qualified teacher that has an unbroken chain of narration back to the Beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

Level 1

To enter this level, the student is expected to be able to read the Arabic script, but not necessarily have studied any rules of Tajweed previously.  It involves the study of the book, ‘The All-Merciful’s guidance in the science of Tajweed’ by Shaykh Abdul-Wahaab Dabs wa Zayt (May Allah be pleased with him) and the recitation of the 30th portion of the Qur’an.

Course length: 24 weeks

Start Date: Sat 1st October 2022 (Please note this course has already started) 

Time: 10:30-12pm

Fee: £175  (please note course fee is non-refundable)


Dr Ustadha Hoda has been teaching Tajweed at TOP since 2013. Her teachers include Shaykh Abdurrazak Balhawan, Shaykh Galal Salem (Al-Azhar), Ustadha Badriyya Tahhan and Ustadha Amal Salhab. She is a Clinical Lecturer at the University of Birmingham and clinician specialising in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Her hobbies include gardening and baking.

Course Review:

This course has by far been the best tajweed course I have attended. The syllabus covers all the basics and necessary rules needed. Ustada Hoda was incredibly patient and creates a safe environment for students to develop. While we learnt theory behind tajweed, it was also a very practical course with recitation at the core. I would highly recommend this to all sisters whatever your age and experience – I learnt so much and really strengthened my relationship with the Quran. To get the most out of the course it’s important to engage as much as possible and come ready to learn! Aishah