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Building Inter-Faith Engagement

TOP Welcomes New Lead for Solihull Council at Joint Event at TOP

On Wednesday 18th January, The Olton Project were given the opportunity to hold a the Solihull Faith Action Working event delivered by the Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council (SMBC) and The Faith & Belief Forum(F&BF). The aim was to bring together the diverse faith communities in the borough, explore the challenges and opportunities to improve relationships. The project is running for 6 months only and is due to finish at the end of January.

We would like to share a message from Councillor Ian Courts, Leader of Solihull Council, which was released on Thursday 19th January, 2023:

“We’re fortunate in Solihull to have so many residents active and engaged in their communities. My message this week brings news of plenty of opportunities to get involved, whether through community funding, public consultations that shape services, school competitions or street parties. I do hope that these chances to get involved may inspire even more people to do the same.

Yesterday I attended a Solihull faith action project network event at the Olton Project. The hall was packed with people of all ages from different faiths and backgrounds. They were all keen to work together to build relationships and connections and to see how they can help others in the borough. The mood was overwhelmingly positive.

On the wall was a huge map of Solihull with dozens of post-it notes stuck on it, each with an idea or thought about something that is needed. In that moment I was again reminded of two things – as I have been so often over the years. Firstly – when we come together, there is more that unites us than divides us. And secondly, that there is something very good about helping each other. I look forward to hearing how the network develops and how their ideas start being put into practice with support from council officers.”

TOP also looks forward to help build better communication and stronger relationships within our faith communities InshaAllah.

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